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The windows to your home are your link to the outside world and when they look their best, you’re adding value and, in some cases, extra security as well.

Adding curtains or blinds can transform your home in startling ways – and without the huge expense of other renovation projects. So, if your window dressings are looking a little outdated, or not giving you the extra insulation and privacy you need, it’s worth looking at ways to finance a fast refurbishment (such as through a mortgage top up or refinance) to give your home a stunning new look with 2018 window furnishing trends in mind.


Printed fabrics that feature both bold and subtle botanical or floral motifs were big in 2017 and, as 2018 steams on, this trend is set to continue. Look to colour trends, such as terracotta or warm pinks, to bring that cutting-edge style to your windows and add a touch of earthy tone for a home that feels welcoming and naturally beautiful. By using some clever landscaping with floral or botanical curtain prints you can really help the flow from outdoor to in.

Natural Linens

It’s the year of the natural look and feel and that means choosing fabrics that are natural, with a friendly feel. Think linens and textures to add interest to your windows in 2018 and beyond – but don’t go overboard! Last year’s very heavy weaves are so, well, last year. Choose a more refined textured weave instead of being so obvious.

Touchable textiles are always lovely but as Coco Chanel said, ‘less is more’ and when it comes to textured curtains and blinds that are on-trend for the season ahead, it’s about being more subtle to be truly stylish.

Windows That Sparkle

Metallics have been on-trend in interior design for a while and their fashion is not disappearing yet, but in 2018, it’s more about accents than it is about obvious sheen.

A touch of sequins on a textured fabric backing or a metallic thread woven through a more naturally-hued blind fabric gives your windows a dressier finish for added glamour and, when used with clever lighting, can really create a great impression in your living areas.

Velvet Touch

For a more luxe look, velvet is the fabric for 2018 and when used for blinds and curtains, it gives a heavier, block-out effect that gives a room warmth and privacy – perfect for cosy winter months ahead. In bedrooms, the addition of black-out lining ensures sunlight won’t interrupt your sleep.

Roller Shutters

Custom-made roller shutters have come a long way since their early style and today’s homes can achieve a sleek, contemporary look with the added security that might just be what you need for added peace of mind.

For business types who travel frequently, or empty-nesters/retirees who also leave home regularly, the installation of secure roller shutters can leave you feeling very well protected, without the need for expensive security systems and monitored alarms. Yes, they are an expense, but when you consider that the added protection they offer may give you insurance premium benefits, it’s worth crunching your numbers to see if the investment can add value to your property in the long-term, as well as help you sleep better at night.

For information about how accessing refinance from your mortgage can help you renovate and refurbish your home, talk to our mortgage experts at Lending Specialists today.

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