To help grow your business and offer your clients additional services we have entered into a number Alliance Agreements with established professionals. These Alliance Partners can help to add value to your business and also provide you with an alternate source on income.Below is a short summary of the services offered by our Alliance Partners, with links to their website. An easy to use referral fax is also available.

HMH Chartered Accountants / Financial Planners
Life & Risk Insurance Advisors
Superannuation and Financial Planning AdviceHMH specialises in personal and business life risk insurance, superannuation and investment advice. Some of the areas in which they may assist your clients include: Mortgage Protection, Life Insurance, Income Protection, Trauma and Total Disability Insurance, Business Insurance, Insurance to support Buy/Sell Agreements, Partnership and Key Person Insurance, Superannuation – Personal,Corporate & SMSF, Group Life & Salary Continuance, Managed Investments and Financial Planning.Contact: for your personal introduction

Bryan Cole & Associates

A professionally run suburban accountancy practice who pride themselves on providing you with advice when you need it – not just when you ask for it.

Using their specialist skills and comprehensive tax knowledge they are not just accountants but your trusted business advisors.  Specialising in providing advice to small and medium sized businesses as well as individual clients and Self-Managed Superannuation Funds, committed to building relationships taking you from where you are today to where you’d like to be in the future.

Contact: for your personal introduction

FSM General Insurance
General Insurance

FSM specialises in arranging general insurance for your clients. This includes home and contents insurance, car insurance, personal and business insurance.

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Corporate Finance
Lease, Hire Purchase & Novated LeasesCorporate Finance can be relied on to manage your vehicle and equipment finance enquiries. He is experienced in these fields, has many strong connections with the major players in the market and tells it like it is. With his expert support staff he can deal directly with the client on your behalf with little input required from you.Contact: for your personal introduction
Property Way
Professional Property Investment

  • Property Investment Consultants
  • Improving the financial future of everyday Australians through direct property (education, strategy, sales, quality assurance, tenancy, reviews)
  • Expertise in new property
  • Diversity in property styles (houses, apartments, townhouses – east coast)
  • Right property + right location + time
  • Intermediary between vendor and purchaser acting in the best interests of the client

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Lantern Property
Professional Property Investment

Lantern Property Partners is a property investment advisory firm specialising in locating, negotiating and recommending quality property investments to accountants, financial advisers, financiers, solicitors, mortgage brokers and many other types of organisations for their clients to purchase.

Lantern Property Partners provide full due diligence on each project, including rental appraisals, depreciation estimates, detailed plans and specifications, and assessment of completed projects, and provide you and Loans Actually with all the tools necessary to make an informed decision on investing in direct residential property.

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