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In the free and easy 1970s, native gardens were all the rage but they slowly fell out of favour when the structured, ostentatious look of the cashed-up 1980s left its mark on gardens across the country.

But native Australian gardens are back – and they’re looking lovelier than ever. In our increasingly environmentally-aware society, it makes sense.

Choosing indigenous plants are better for a number of reasons and by adding them to your garden, you can help your home look better, save money and add value to your property. Native planting are perfect for any Aussies wanting to feel a deeper sense of belonging and more tangible connection to nature and to ensure you’re choosing the right plants for your specific climate – depending on what region of Australia you live in – it’s a great idea to befriend your local nursery or landscaping expert to help you choose plants that suit your neighbourhood.

Benefits of a Native Garden

If the impact on your budget is a factor, saving water is a huge money-saver. One of the main benefits of choosing a native Australian garden is that the majority of indigenous plants are very drought-resistant and can survive – and even thrive – with limited access to water. Do your research and be aware that young plants establishing themselves in new territory will require some extra care but, for the most part, when the plant has taken hold in your garden, it’s care needs will likely be less than other non-native plants – and that means more time and less money spent on nurturing your garden. With the right advice, it’s possible for a native garden to rely only on natural rainfall – with no additional water required.

And the good news from horticultural specialists in Australian flora is that it’s easier than ever to care for indigenous plants, thanks to research into hybridised version of natives that are easier to maintain. Asking for these types of plants at your nursery or local gardening service will help you access the best possible plants to suit even the laziest gardener.

The Birds and The Bees

Attracting native fauna is another beautiful benefit to choosing plants that truly belong in your backyard. You’ve no doubt heard the buzz on the issue bees face in the world today and by growing native flowering plants, you help bring all kinds of wildlife to your garden – giving you something lovely to look at (nature at work!) while you feel good about yourself that you are doing your bit to help make the planet healthier. Native additions to your garden are great at encouraging bio-diversity by attracting insects (which pollinate the plants), birds and even other marsupials, depending on your neighbourhood.

Top Tips For a Stunning Garden

Whether you’re garden is native or not, you can create a stunning look by adding textures and layers of interest that will keep your outdoor area looking gorgeous – all year around. Choose plants that flower at different times of the year and choose plants of differing heights in garden beds, to create a natural look that combines ground covering foliage with taller shrubs and trees.

If the motivation for restoring your garden is to help your property look its best ahead of a planned sale, be careful. Any investment aimed at renovating or refurbishing for profit needs to be well planned and realistic. Crunch your numbers on the value you hope your garden will add and be mindful of this figure when choosing the plants to buy. If your investment in buying and caring for plants outweighs the value you might add, it’s time to re-think your plans and scale your visions back to fit your budget.

Great gardens don’t have to cost a fortune but they do take planning. Be patient and do your research for the best possible results to create an outdoor space that complements your home and really does add something to your property. Australian native gardens can be beautiful but make sure it’s a look you love before you commit, to create a garden you’ll love being in, in every season.

If you have any questions about steps you can take to prepare your property for sale or refinance to add value to your garden, talk to our team of mortgage experts at Lending Specialists today.

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