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Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

Lending Specialists is a professional, licenced, well respected mortgage broking business and we pride ourselves on forming strong relationships with businesses that are also well regarded in their own fields of expertise and who can offer additional professional services to our clients.

Many of those associates offer a simple and easy to use service that will help to meet some of your everyday responsibilities or to just put your mind at ease. Do any of these sound familiar?

Insurances & Investments

Life & Risk Insurance Advisors

Are you looking for advice on how to better protect yourself, your family, your assets or your business in times of personal illness, trauma or financial stress? Or to offer some assistance to those left behind in the case of a loved one’s passing?

We can put you in touch with experts who can help put the right processes and policies in place that can help ease the financial burden in times of personal or business stress. Some of the areas where you may need advice are:

Personal and business life risk insurance
Mortgage Protection
Life Insurance
Income Protection
Trauma and Total or Permanent Disability Insurance
Business Insurance
Insurance to support Buy/Sell Agreements
Partnership and Key Person Insurance,
And others

Contact: Lending Specialists staff on 03 9764 2777 or info@lendingspecialists.com.au for your personal introduction

General Insurance Advisors

Are the family home and your contents, car or other personal assets properly and fully protected? Do you have an investment property that requires landlord insurances, or a business that requires other forms of IP, professional or public liability protection?

There’s nothing worse than experiencing an event that destroys your hard earned assets, but this can be compounded even further if you don’t have the right protection in place. We have experts who can provide competitive quotes or insurance advice on most forms of asset or general insurances such as:

Home and contents
Motor vehicle or business equipment
Factory or investment properties
Landlord, body corporate or rental insurance
Professional indemnity or public liability
Management or Cyber Liabilities
And others

Contact: Lending Specialists staff on 03 9764 2777 or info@lendingspecialists.com.au for your personal introduction

Superannuation & Financial Planning Advisors

Do you need help planning the next stage of your financial future? What is the best investment strategy for you and where should you be focussing your efforts? Should you buy property, shares, invest in superannuation, cash or even Bitcoin? Where should you put your hard earned dollars to get the best taxable return for you?

Our Financial Advisory associates have years of education and hands on experience to guide you on the best path for your individual needs. They can help you with advice on:

Superannuation – Personal, Corporate & SMSF
Group Life & Salary Continuance
Managed Investments and Financial Planning
Retirement planning
Taxation minimisation
Pension plans and transitions
And others

Contact: Lending Specialists staff on 03 9764 2777 or info@lendingspecialists.com.au for your personal introduction

Legal Specialists

Solicitors, Lawyers & Conveyancers

Do you need legal advice regarding family, business, property or civil matters? Have you been asked to be a guarantor or offer security for a family member or business associate and have reservations about what this entails?  If yes and you don’t know who to speak with, then we have relationships with a number of qualified specialists who can offer sound, logical advice.

Understanding property and business contracts
Ensuring a complete understanding of your responsibilities when offering guarantees or securities, for or with others, in conjunction with personal or business dealings
Reviewing property contracts of sale for completeness and accuracy and management of the sale/purchase process
Explaining your legal rights in matters of dispute
Guidance with wills and probate actions
And many more

Contact: Lending Specialists staff on 03 9764 2777 or info@lendingspecialists.com.au for your personal introduction



Have your circumstances changed or become more complex and you feel it’s time to get some professional advice on the best way to structure your assets, income or business? Should you consider a trust or company structure for better asset protection or do you just want someone to keep the tax man away?

We have relationships with a number of single and corporate accountancies who can help you with:

Your day to day tax affairs
Comprehensive taxation and accountancy advice
Advice on personal and business structures
Administration of SMSFs and other investment vehicles
Taxation and BAS lodgements
Many other forms of accountancy advice

Contact: Lending Specialists staff on 03 9764 2777 or info@lendingspecialists.com.au for your personal introduction

Property Specialists

Real Estate Agents & Property Professionals

Are you on the lookout for a new family home or investment property, but feel a bit overwhelmed with the time it takes to research and visit properties, or find your dream home only to find it’s already been sold?

Our property experts are experienced in researching and negotiation and can help take the pain out of the search for the ideal property. Whether you want someone to do all the legwork for you, or just nudge you in the right direction we have someone who can help.

Need help with any of the following?

Identifying the better areas to buy a property that suits your needs
Property education on strategy, sales, quality assurance, tenancy, reviews
Deciding whether to buy new, existing or off the plan
Comparing residential to commercial purchases
Diversity in property styles (houses, apartments, townhouses – east coast)
Right property + right location + right time
Intermediary between vendor and purchaser acting in the best interests of the client
Property inspection services

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