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Regardless of whether you need a home loan, residential loan or investment home loan, Lending Specialists can help. As one of Melbourne’s most reputable mortgage brokers, we have a solid reputation that has allowed us to build connections with many of the decision makers within banks. This means that we are often able to obtain home loans, residential loans and investment home loans that are unavailable to other mortgage brokers. Read on to learn about the different types of home loans, residential loans and investment home loans that we can help you with.

Variable Rate Loans

Variable Rate loans are suitable for borrowers who are looking for a very flexible and competitively priced loan, with all the “bells and whistles”, but without being tied up to a fixed interest rate contract.

The interest rate fluctuates during the life of the loan and most have the option to switch to another interest rate type at any time. These loans are designed to assist with the purchase of a new home or investment property, renovations, holidays, upgrading your car or most other personal needs.

Some of the features available are:

Additional Payments

Flexible repayment options e.g. weekly, fortnightly or monthly

Offset facilities

Borrowings up to 100% of the valuation of the security in some cases

Additional loans


Minimum loan amounts and terms may apply

Maximum term is normally 30 years


Discounted Rate Loans

Discounted Rate loans are particularly attractive to first home buyers and others who are rate sensitive, and looking to keep their repayments to a minimum in the early stages of a loan.

Discounted Rate home loans Melbourne are often referred to as honeymoon loans. This is where the interest rate is set at predetermined level below the variable rate for an initial set period.

Some of the features available are:

An interest rate set at a predetermined level below the Variable Interest Rate

These loans typically allow all features of the normal Variable Rate loan

Administration and early repayment penalties may be applied if the loan is repaid in full prior to the end of the discounted period.

Fixed Rate Loans

Fixed Rate loans allow you to protect yourself against possible future interest rate rises and the ability to manage your loan repayments over a specified term. This allows you to budget for other financial priorities in your life, comfortable in the knowledge that your loan repayments will not change over the fixed rate term.

Fixed rate terms are generally available for terms of 1 to 10 years. There are banks prepared to fix loans for up to 10 years in certain circumstances.

The interest rate is fixed for an agreed time, meaning that your interest rate will not increase, even if there is an interest rate rise. Alternatively, it also means that if the interest rates drop you will remain locked in at the higher nominated rate for the fixed term of the loan.

At the end of a fixed rate period, most financial institutions allow you the option of nominating another fixed term or switching to another home loan package, some with nominal switching fees.

Some of the features available are:

Fixed rate terms are generally available for terms of 1 to 10 years.

Maximum additional payments for each fixed loan year or term

Early repayment penalties can apply if the loan is repaid either partially or in full, within the term of the fixed rate. (These can often be quite substantial).

Repayments set for the fixed rate term. These can generally be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Redraw is rarely available.

Line of Credit Loans

Line of credit loans are often referred to as revolving lines of credit. These facilities differ from a traditional loan in that they are an interest only facility and only require repayments to keep the loan balance under the approved limit.

These loans allow the borrower to gain access to the equity in a property without the need to apply to a lender for a new loan on each occasion. This can save time, expenses & the inconvenience of having to provide the lender with up to date financial, salary and personal information.

Line of credit loans are a very flexible product and are particularly suitable to the investor who is looking for quick access to funds for investment, property deposits or purchases or everyday personal living expenses. Most equity loans provide access to your funds via cheque, credit card, telephone account processing or over the internet.

Base Variable Rate Loans are appropriate for a client who is rate sensitive and looking for a basic, simple, low cost loan facility, without being tied up on a fixed term contract.

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Some of the features available are:

Access via credit/debit card

Cheque access

Internet access


No minimum /maximum deposits/withdrawals

Salaries can be direct credited

Regular deductions can be made

Funds are available at call

Some financial institutions will also pay credit interest on any credit funds held in the account

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