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With many Australian feeling that house prices in many capital cities and thriving regional centres are beyond their reach, the tiny house movement makes sense and offers a positive alternative.

It’s a movement that originated in the United States but it has readily been embraced by people across the globe as a growing percentage of the population recognises the benefits of down-sizing into smaller, more sustainable homes. The choice is a more affordable one, for sure, with tiny houses offering price points that put home ownership back on the table for a new era of home-buyers.

Tiny Houses for Big Thinkers

But what is a tiny house? It’s basically a return to houses that are less than 93 square metres – typically houses that are also environmentally-friendly and are designed to generate their own power and be easily transportable to relocate as desired.

With a growing interest in minimalism, the movement appeals for a number of reasons. Enjoying a simpler, no-frills existence is enticing for many and knowing that your environmental footprint is a lot smaller gives many people hope for a brighter future.

Changing Legislation to Meet Changing Trends

Although the tiny house movement does have a lot of fans, the reality is, though, that many local councils have not yet caught up with the planning around this topic. It’s something that will be sure to be looked at more closely in the near future as cities plan for continued population growth and look for sustainable ways to put more people into smaller tracts of land.

Tiny House Business is Booming

Already, several Australian companies, such as the Tasmanian company Wagonhaus, specialise in the design and construction of tiny houses. In Melbourne, interest in small-scale living has seen the launch of another business, Tiny House Village, that will soon open a display suite village in inner-suburban South Yarra.

Obviously, it’s not a lifestyle that will suit every family demographic but for retirees keen to make simpler choices, or for single parents of childless couples looking for an affordable alternative to the traditional Australian home, the tiny house trend is an interesting one to research that may bring global environmental benefits the world needs.

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