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Whether you’re looking to re-finance your mortgage to access some much-needed renovation money, or if you are looking to refurbish your current property in order to get the best possible sale price at auction – knowing what is hot in interior design trends for 2019 can add real value to your property.

Here are some of the projected trends that can help turn your house into a stunning home in the year ahead.


The impact of a desire for greater sustainability is being felt in many aspects of daily lifestyle – from choices in new cars, to choices of appliances and architectural design. But sustainability is also big news in interior design touches and you can bring more environmentally-aware elements into your home through choosing sustainable fabrics for soft furnishings, or looking at animal-free leather and worm-free silk that are gaining popularity in materials used for everything from curtains, blinds and couches to cushion covers.

Making a shift towards products that are recycled, or able to be recycled in the future is also appealing to a new generation of discerning buyers.

Matt Black

It’s becoming the go-to colour choice for a contemporary look and black adds excitement because of the potential for drama it brings – and its versatility to complement other colours it works with. Millennial pink was on-trend but will date so quickly, whereas black has staying power that will last – and by choosing the matt version, you’ll be achieving a fresh, in-fashion look without having to try too hard. Whether you add it as a paint colour to floorboards, add a hall runner rug, or use it for tapware or cupboards, matt black is the new grey for a new year.


Window dressings are very in for 2019 and wallpaper will also continue to be a great choice to finish a room in fresh style. Bold styles will be a big feature (but be careful as they will also date). Think pattern and texture and apply in small doses so you can easily swap out in the future when the trend cools. Faux leathers and embossed, baroque-style is where it’s at for a cool looking interior – for home or business. When it comes to window treatments, think layered drapes. Simple clean lines look stunning against expanses of clean glass.

Art Deco Style

The opulence of art deco style is sure to be a big look for 2019.

Elements of this glamorous era are popping up on everything from details on tables, chairs and lighting. Metals and mixed metals are a part of the look – think gold or silver (or mixed metals) as a way to add some shine to your life in the new year.

Minimalism Matters

Less really is more and by focusing on de-cluttering busy looks in favour of crisp, clean lines and the simplicity of natural fibres and materials, you can create a freshly fabulous look that can make your property look its absolute best – without having to spend a fortune.


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