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As life seems to get busier and busier, creating a calm, relaxing space to sleep and feel at peace is an increasingly important part of a happy, healthy home. To help you enjoy the bedroom of your dreams, try these tips for designing a bedroom you’ll find it hard to leave.

Whether you need to refinance your mortgage to treat yourself to a luxurious bedroom renovation, or just want to spruce things up with some more affordable interior design touches, making your bedroom more beautiful is an investment in a great night’s sleep.

Get bedroom design ideas online

Letting your fingers do the walking in the digital world, opens you up to the ability to browse through seemingly endless design inspiration blogs and social media feeds devoted to sharing beautiful bedroom designs, as well as general interior design tips.

From Pinterest to Instagram, as well as websites and social media pages attached to interior design publications and programs – your pathway to transforming your bedroom from boring to brilliant starts with liking the look of other people’s ideas and figuring the best way to recreate those looks in your own home.

Be realistic about your lifestyle

If you’re the parent of small children with potentially sticky fingers, or pets with occasionally muddy paws, choosing expensive soft furnishings in pale tones might not be your best move.

Think practically to lay a sensible foundation of looks that won’t leave you stressed, then embellish, bit by bit, with more indulgent touches that leave you with a layer of feel-good style, while still being realistic about the bedroom refurbishment that’s right for you.

It Begins with Your Bed

It is your bedroom, after all…

Invest in the best possible mattress within your budget, then work from there.

Look for one that provides excellent support and healthy spine alignment, then invest in a good quality mattress protector to extend the care – and luxurious feel – of your mattress. Selecting lovely sheets is another positive step and by choosing the highest thread count without breaking your bank account, you can sleep well in quality sheets that will last. Dressing your bed is a personal choice – and one that can be affected by the seasons.

Whether you choose a quilt, or blankets to snuggle under, your choice of colour and pattern helps set the scene for your good night’s sleep.

Consider choosing neutral colours that can be jazzed up with bolder choices in throw rugs and cushions to turn your bed into an inviting haven for rest and relaxation. By swapping them each season, you can add fresh pops of colour to suit your decor and give your bedroom a fresh look, without spending a fortune.

Lovely Lighting

Making the investment in quality lighting design always make a difference and in a bedroom it helps put you in control of transforming your sleeping quarters from day to night.

Dimmers put the power of mood-shifting glow at your fingertips and if you prefer space on your bedside table for books and decorative touches, you might consider installing wall sconces. By choosing a design with swing arms, you can place the lighting exactly where you want it – perfect for late-night readers.

Friendly Flooring

In the bedroom, perhaps more than any other room in the house, luxurious floor covering matters and there is definitely something special about stepping out of bed onto the indulgence of a soft, snuggly carpet underfoot.

If you prefer the low-maintenance look of floorboards, choosing quality rugs can dress your room to suit your style – from playful patterns, or sedate neutrals that complement the palette of your other soft furnishings.

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