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To some extent, gardening does seem trend-proof.

That seedling that you lovingly water and tend to now does not deliver immediate gardening gratification, after all. And when the new season’s colour trends are announced, you can’t suddenly tear up your flower beds in favour of a different shade.

But the reality is that there are garden trends that do emerge and knowing what’s hot and what’s not can be a good guide to creating a garden look that is welcoming and appealing.

With that in mind, try these top tips to help you create a new year garden you’ll be proud to call home. For anyone keen to learn how you can add enjoyment – and potential value – to your property, they will help you transform your outdoor space into a place that is beautiful and fresh.


A beautiful garden, naturally – Natural Materials 

The move away from geometric styles is here and gardens will have softer edges and a look that is more ‘real’. Think swing seats rather than flat benches – unstructured plants over sculptural growth. It’s all about organic movement – with plants that bend and flow and create a feeling of comfort. Paths will become more winding and natural materials will help achieve the look.


Edible Gardens

Gardening is going back to basics, as people realise the wonder of picking fresh fruit, herbs and veggies from their garden. Outdoor spaces need to be visually appealing but if they provide materials for eating, it’s a case of function meeting form in the shape of an edible garden that adds an environmentally aware element to your outdoor experience.



This landscaping concept is about creating gardens that complement nature – instead of competing against it.

Choosing native species that are indigenous to your localised area helps minimise the need for additional watering and pest control as plants work together to survive in a truly natural setting. You’ll still need to care for them and nurture them, of course, but choosing native plants that are designed to thrive in your climate and conditions is a great start.


Green is (Still) Great

Use of eco-friendly materials to create greener gardens is the way to go and natural materials for hardscaping (think natural stone and timber to create natural pathways) will combine with thoughtful companion planting, composting and natural pest control to build gardens that are greener than ever.


Water Conserving-Irrigation

The most basic need to save water will combine with cutting-edge technology to utilise irrigation systems for your garden that reduce water wastage and keep your plants in peak condition.

Technology used wisely is a wondrous thing and the best of 2017’s watering systems will tap into the best choices for garden care.

Gardening does take time and effort but by creating a garden that has a natural look, you minimise your need to maintain a perfectly immaculate garden – something that can save you precious time and precious financial resources you can free up to spend on other ways to improve your property.


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