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As autumn takes us into winter, it’s a great time to update the look of your home with some of this year’s hottest colour trends – the natural look is in. Whether you are refinancing your mortgage to invest in a full renovation or refurbishment, or whether you just want to update your home’s style with a splash of colour that accessories such as cushions, bed linen and other soft furnishings can bring, it’s good to know that earthy is in to help your interior design style hit the right mark.

Colour Trends for 2018

The back-to-nature beauty is all about sage greens and warm neutrals, with dashes of red to help turn your house into a home that’s warm and welcoming as the winter chill descends.

The latest IT colour is grey-green and the addition of natural materials, with a colour pallette of terracotta, russet and maroon, help add a cosy autumnal charm.

An edgier choice, according to the international colour guru, Pantone, is ultra violet and cutting-edge interior designers will be taking that from the catwalk to the living room in bold accents to add contemporary chic to interior home decoration touches throughout 2018. If you’re putting your house on the market, we recommend you tread more carefully and take a softer approach to introduction of colour. Yes, it might be eye-catching but the ‘now’ colour will also date quickly, so unless you love it and you’re staying, decorating for the next buyer with the very latest design trends can backfire and not give you the return-on-investment you really need.

By all means, add a splash with some carefully considered professional styling to showcase your home as fresh and inviting but be careful of over-committing to one design trend – no matter how hot it is right at this moment. A good tip is to add your favourite bold colours with gentler touches of ornaments, cushions, rugs or curtains, rather than rushing out to paint a feature wall in a colour you might be tired off by the time next year’s latest colour trends make their way onto the pages of interior design magazines.

Earthy Is Easy

According to most colour planning specialists, this year’s major trend towards earthy colours is much easier for the average home-owner to embrace because the warm, natural shades, are ones we experience every day of our lives in nature. These brighter, warmer hues, such as burnt oranges and warm reds, to accent soft, deep greens, work well with the neutrals and greys that are currently so popular. Choosing such tones can seem a little chiched in autumn if you go overboard so remember the old adage that less truly is more and restrain yourself to use colour as an addition to your home’s style – rather than something that takes over. Occasional injections of stronger colours, such as brighter burgundy or a more vibrant green can add a more dramatic touch if that’s your taste. Think in layers, with differing tones and textures to add interest, thanks to different materials on furnishings, or artworks on walls.

Gardening in Style

Layers are just as lovely outdoors as they are in, so to continue the latest looks in your garden, investing in terracotta planter pots, or giving tired garden furniture a new lease of life with some fresh paint can add some on-trend colour without breaking your budget.

Top Tips to Be Colour Smart

Look at design magazines but don’t try to slavishly recreate the looks they promote. Finding a look that suits the reality of your lifestyle is the smartest way to introduce any colours into your home and, if you don’t want to spend a fortune, even adding fresh foliage or flowers in a vase can bring a taste of the season’s colour trends without making any major changes. In the kitchen, crockery or pots and pans can add a fresh designer touch in the latest colour pallette and can be easily swapped around for as the season’s trends change.

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