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Commercial Property Loans Melbourne are loans secured by commercial property such as an office, a building, an apartment complex, shopping center, warehouse, or other similar commercial property as we’ve mentioned before in our article on Application & Repayment Terms for Commercial Property Loan Melbourne.

It can be difficult to find specific information on commercial property loans Melbourne online. A lender’s website usually does not have all their terms and rates specifically written as loan needs vary from one client to another. In addition, it is more difficult to find information on commercial property loans than home loans because many commercial property loan terms can be negotiated.

Three things can influence the approval of your commercial property loan. First, the maximum loan amount the lenders grant, second, the type of commercial property loan you want, and third, the nature of your security for your intended commercial property loan. Using a mortgage broker when applying for a commercial property loan can help you secure the loan.

Advantages of a Mortgage Broker when applying for Commercial Property Loans Melbourne:


  • Mortgage brokers specialize in different types of loans. Specialized mortgage brokers can help you with your transactions and make it simple for you. We here at Lending Specialists specialize in various types of loans including commercial property loans Melbourne.


  • Experienced mortgage brokers can help guide you through your property purchase. With years of experience, they can give you advice on the best options rather than just getting you a loan.

Established Relationships

  • Through years of experience and different encounters, mortgage brokers have established relationships with lenders. Having worked with them previously, mortgage brokers know how lenders decide on loan approvals giving you a better chance of having your loan approved.

Flexible Loan Policies

  • Mortgage brokers have the connections to learn which lenders give out what kind of loans and what kind of securities they accept. This broadens your chances of having your loan approved within the shortest time and as hassle-free as possible.

Competitive Rates

  • Experienced mortgage brokers are professionals in their field and are up to date with economic rates and status. When they submit your loan application, the lenders immediately know that they have more competition and the broker is well informed. This gives you an edge as the best rates will usually be offered to you.

Loan Success

  • Since a mortgage broker assists you with your loan, they tend to get to know you more than the lenders themselves. This allows them to suggest the suitable loan options for you which will be approved and you will most likely be able to successfully pay off the loan based on the agreed upon terms.

If you have any questions about Commercial Property Loans Melbourne or need help in applying for one, contact Lending Specialist on (03)8805-1800 or email

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