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When you’re preparing a house for sale and want the maximum sale price, you want some simple renovation and refurbishment tips that add value to your property, without breaking your budget.

1. Landscape Your Garden

First impressions do matter.

Tidying up your garden might only take a small investment of money but it can make a huge difference to the number of buyers you attract – and that means greater competition and a potentially better sale price. Landscaping doesn’t mean huge dollars and fancy plants. Even some well-considered plants from your local nursery can transform your garden wonderfully. Plant to suit the style and environment surrounding your home – whether that means some hardy natives or a splash of vibrant colour. Pebbles or mulch can fill the spaces between plants brilliantly and sweeping, raking and scrubbing dirty pathways can also make a big difference.

Tree removal can be expensive but if you have a huge tree that may drop limbs, it can turn prospective buyers away. Before you get rid of it, you will need to check with your conveyancer and local council to ensure there are no covenants that prohibit your from removing the tree. Chopping a tree down without checking first may make your property look better but could lead to a costly fine.

2. Clean The Outside Of Your House

Sometimes, the time or budget required for a fresh exterior paint job means the project is not worth it. But washing down the exterior walls with a high-pressure hose can transform tired into sparkling. Just be sure to talk to your trusted handyman before you start. In older homes, blasting high-pressure water to rinse away those cobwebs could also cause damage to crumbling mortar – and that will lead to a costly repair job you don’t need.

3. Paint the Front Door

Finding alternatives to expensive exterior painting is always a good thing but when it comes to first impressions, a clean, inviting front door can be a powerful thing. If you’re tackling the job yourself, make sure you prepare the area properly. Think about whether a new doorknob might also make a difference – especially if that fresh coat of paint makes your old one look shabby.

4. Clean The Floors

For great looking real estate photos, clean and shiny floorboards or tiles look fantastic and, when it comes to carpets and rugs, get them steam-cleaned, with any stains treated for removal to create a fresh look for your property. New carpeting is expensive and not always needed. Consider part replacement if areas are badly worn – another good reason to keep some off-cut extras stored away when you first buy your carpet because you never know when it can come in very handy.

5. De-clutter

Those trinkets and treasures your family has loved for so many years? Potential buyers won’t share the same love. In fact, to their eyes, it will be a messy distraction that makes your home appear smaller and messier.

Invest in some short-term storage, or, better yet, do a complete cull to simplify your life. You can even make some extra money on the side by selling some bigger pieces on ebay, and consider doing your bit for your local community by donating some goods to your local charity/op-shop.

Your home will look fresh and clean and those prospective buyers will be better able to imagine their own lives between your four walls – without all your stuff blocking their vision.

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