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Spring is here and that means it is an ideal time to put your property on the market for a new buyer to enjoy.

But don’t wait!

Getting your property into the peak of the spring buying frenzy takes preparation and that means starting now before you list.

For some smart tips on how to prepare your home for a fast sale, without the stress, try this advice:

1. Be clean and clear

Well-presented properties that are clean and uncluttered attract attention, so get ready to pack that unnecessary stuff away before your first open for inspection slot gets advertised. By showing off your home as a space that is decorated simply, with a refreshing minimalist style, you’ll help create an ambience that is calm and appealing.

Sure those much-loved photos of Great Uncle Bert mean something to you but if you’ve got too many on display, it’s a perfect time to store them away safely to give visitors to your home the chance to imagine their own footprint in the home.

Pack all non-essential items away in preparation for moving day – and that doesn’t mean stacking them in the garden shed or garage.

Too much furniture will make your living spaces appear smaller so that needs to be culled too. Invest in a storage unit (or a friendly family member with storage space to spare) and get it out of sight to help your property look roomy and inviting.

2. Scents Make Sense

No need for baking cookies or cakes – this is much simpler. Start with baking soda sprinkled on carpets before vacuuming to absorb unwanted odours, then add to the charm by using scented candles with fresh or zesty aromas, such as lemon or other citrus, to add some fresh appeal.

3. The White Glove Test

You might think you’ve cleaned properly the good old-fashioned white glove test will be the judge of that. Any sign of dust or grime from every surface – including skirting boards, bookshelves and light switches, should be eliminated. Make it shine!

4. Tidy your storage spaces

If your garage is packed to the rafters, or your cupboards are filled to overflowing, it screams ‘lack of storage’ and any prospective buyers will worry how their own stuff will fit in. Successful decluttering is a big job but when it’s done properly, the results are wonderful

5. Keep going

Think you’ve cleaned enough? You’ll always be wrong. Now, we don’t suggest you worry yourself silly over endless tasks but there is always room for improvement and by taking a second (and third or fourth…) look at your property through fresh eyes, we’re sure you’ll find another positive way to make your home present better to its potential buyers.

Scrub toilets and bathroom surfaces until they gleam and look at expanses of glass to rid any dust and grime and let maximum light to come in. Your selling price should reflect your hard work if you do it well.

While you can’t control the market on any given day, when it comes to giving your property the best possible chance to achieve a great sales price, you can make a difference with some hard work and attention to detail. After all, when you’re looking for your next property, you wouldn’t want anything less…

To help you understand the mortgage market and the best way to upgrade or downsize your property, speak to Lending Specialists today.

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