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All those home improvement shows on TV make it look quite easy but there are some household repairs, refurbishments and renovations that you should never DIY, unless you have the relevant qualifications/certifications/experience.

To help you stay safe this summer, when holidays from work can inspire people to tackle those overdue odd jobs around the home, here are 5 household repair jobs you should leave to a professional:

Electrical repairs and rewiring

Tackling your own electrical work might seem easy enough – and you might think it could save you money – but the reality is that doing anything related to power is a complete no-no, unless you are a qualified electrician with the right equipment, experience and knowledge.

Becoming a sparkie is a serious business that requires years of apprenticeship, learning from other industry experts – and definitely not something you should try on the weekend with some supplies from Bunnings.

It’s a worrying fact that many property owners are tempted to try small electrical DIY jobs around the house but, aside from changing a lightbulb (and you still need to be careful doing that and make sure the power is OFF first!), every other electricity-related project should be firmly out of bounds and only trusted to an actual electrician.

Avoiding danger is the most obvious concern but the other important reason to avoid electrical work without the appropriate qualifications is that DIY electrical repairs are illegal – and put your insurance at risk immediately.

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Each state and territory has its own Plumbing and Drainage Act equivalent, so some rules do vary across Australia but, overall, many plumbing-related works are completely illegal for any non-qualified people to undertake.

Sure, your local hardware store can sell you the tools and equipment that could enable you to attempt the project but that doesn’t mean you are capable of doing it – or that you should try.

Mistakes with sewage can get very messy very quickly! Avoid the stress and pick up the phone instead…

Removing walls

Being better safe than sorry is very good advice.

It’s also one very serious reason why removing walls in your home is best left to professionals. Yes, you can buy expensive equipment and watch a Youtube video or two to show you how to identify a load-bearing wall but is it really worth the risk if you get it wrong?

Tradies work long and hard to  gain the skills and knowledge that make them the ideal people to tackle specific household renovation works and we think knocking down walls that could destroy your home fall into that category.

Repairing the Roof

Your home’s roof is the protector of your property.

Yes, you can go out and buy a ladder, and, if you are below a certain age, you might even feel safe climbing up it (but let’s not forget the cautionary tale of Molly Meldrum!) but when it comes to repairing your roof, a rookie mistake could cost you thousands in water damage, electrical damage and structural issues down the track.

Roof repairers know exactly what to look for when it comes to broken or missing tiles, possible pest entry points and potential leaks, so why not leave this important job to them?

Securing an Appliance to a Wall

TVs that hover from the ceiling or wall, rather than sit on a TV cabinet, might be enjoying a boom in popularity but securing them safely is a huge responsibility and the consequences of shoddy workmanship could be life-threatening – especially if you have young children in your home.

Using a stud finder to ensure bolts are securely fastened to something solid, rather than a flimsy plasterboard wall, is just one thing to consider. Hiring a professional to get your entertainment space looking great – and safe – is a small price to pay for complete peace of mind.

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