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If you’re planning to sell your property to buy a new one, or simply want to add to the enjoyment of the way you live in your current home, there are smart ways to make home improvements without breaking your budget.

Here are 5 clever ways to make budget-friendly improvements to your property:

1. Create a clever kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home. For potential home-buyers, it’s the room that many make a beeline to, so making sure your kitchen is clean comfortable and uncluttered, is critical for a happy home.

Replacing the tapware can be one easy way to spruce up the look, without spending a fortune. Finding new cupboard door handles that match your sleek new taps add another dimension, while changing the light fixtures to ones that are brighter, and more energy-efficient, provides an easy improvement.

If your budget is a bit bigger, replacing cupboard doors and drawers can be a more affordable way to renovate a kitchen – without dismantling the entire room.

2. Give your appliances a facelift

If your appliances don’t match, one way to make your kitchen seem bigger, cleaner and more modern, is to ensure the appliances have a similar look. So, if that stainless steel dishwasher is making your tired old white fridge look old-fashioned, shop around for a new fridge. Sometimes, new appliances can add a fresh new look to the entire room.

3. Buff your bath

In addition to the kitchen, bathrooms attract intense scrutiny from prospective buyers. The good news is that they can be improved without costing a fortune.

A new toilet seat, or replacing a chipped and worn vanity unit can be affordable ways to revamp your bathroom space in style and they can be tackled by DIYers.

If the bathtub and shower cubicle look dingy, think about re-grouting, and replacing any broken tiles with new ones. Rather than replace an entire bath, some companies do offer a service to resurface old bathtubs and this can add years to the life of your bath and give the appearance of a brand new bathroom.

4. Clean those carpets

When was the last time your carpets and rugs were professionally cleaned? It’s relatively inexpensive and can add a fresh new look (and smell) to your home. If the carpet is worn, consider covering it with strategically-placed rugs. If you’re selling, talk to your real estate agent before deciding to invest in expensive new carpet. Many home owners may want to decide on this touch for themselves – or they may prefer floorboards or some other covering.

5. First impressions count

If your main entry door has a flimsy little door-knob, consider investing in a more substantial handle. A solid bit of hardware here can give the impression of a solid home and to take it one step further, a brand new front door – or a fresh coat of paint or stain on your existing one – can give your home a brand new look. Investing some time or money into maintaining your front garden can also make a big difference – and so can swapping that wonky old letterbox for a nice, secure new one.

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