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Mortgage Broker, Scoresby

Your mortgage broker in Scoresby

When looking for a mortgage broker in Scoresby, you should always seek out someone with a sound professional reputation, and who has the license and educational qualifications.

In an industry where success is determined by knowledge, experience and relationships, a good mortgage broker should be someone who has real life skills and has spent a substantial length of time in the industry.

It is also important to remember that connections with lenders and other industry associates, such as general and life risk insurance advisers, financial planners, property agents and financiers, can only be obtained over time and with the right relational skills.

At the same time, the best mortgage brokers are those who are able to manage clients’ expectations, are respectful and willing to listen, and have the ability to offer empathy to all parties involved in the loan process. Skills sets in SMSF and commercial lending are also a plus.

Here in Scoresby, if you are looking for a mortgage broker, find one who is confident yet understanding. In addition, make sure that your mortgage broking company is able to deliver straightforward application and lodgement processes, because nothing is more stressful than tackling all the paperwork that comes with trying to obtain a loan!

With Lending Specialists in Scoresby, you will find that we tick all the right boxes. Our focus is on you, the client, and not on the sale, so contact us today and experience our service for yourself!

10 Steps to obtaining a loan with Lending Specialists:

  1. Contact our staff to arrange an interview.
  2. Sit down to a meeting so we can gain an understanding of you and your borrowing needs.
  3. Collection of all relevant documentation to allow for a reasonable recommendation and to support a future application.
  4. We present a recommended lending solution to you with all relevant compliance disclosures.
  5. We obtain your authority to proceed with an application.
  6. We lodge the loan application and follow through to full approval.
  7. We verify the correct approval documents and obtain your signatures.
  8. We return the documents to the lender and manage the loan to settlement.
  9. We remain in contact with you and other relevant parties throughout the loan process.
  10. We continue the broker/client relationship after settlement.