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If you’re looking for working capital in Melbourne, Lending Specialists’ experienced small business brokers can get your company the capital it needs.

Whether you’ve been in business for years or are just starting out, our professional team can provide small businesses with the best lending solutions. Lending Specialists are committed to guiding you throughout the entire process in a flexible and transparent environment.

Our Process

Our small business loans application process starts with an initial introductory meeting to gain an insight into your business.

This first discussion will generally focus on:

  • Personal and business information
  • Business structure, industry and market
  • Current cashflow and where identifying from where income is derived
  • Current credit facilities in place (type of loan/facility, amount, interest rate, repayments and type, term and original reason for the loan/facility)
  • What security is available (if any)
  • Future finance needs (reason, amount, type of facility) and if the client is acting on their accountant’s advice.

Once our expert team at Lending Specialists have discussed the needs and objectives of your business, we will proceed with assessing your eligibility for a small business loan.

On agreement for a small business loan, a plan will be put in place. Before proceeding with your application, further personal and business financial documentation may be requested. Discussions with the client’s accountant may also need to be had before our experts begin investigating and researching suitable options for you. We will then present you with the preferred structured loan recommendation before proceeding with your application.

The Lending Specialists team of small business loan brokers will actively manage your loan application with the bank and any other associated parties. We ensure that you’re kept informed throughout the process to settlement or drawdown of your loan and facilities.

Our experts are renowned for the strong relationships established with clients and continue to work with and maintain contact with you after settlement.

What We Offer

At Lending Specialists, we offer all kinds of small business loans including:

  • Small Business Term Purchase Loans
  • Small Business Term Refinance Loans
  • Equipment Finance
  • Cashflow/Invoice Financing
  • Overdrafts
  • SMSF Term Loan

Our highly experienced small business loan brokers, with their expertise and relation-ships that they’ve built with lenders, are able to guide you through the complex loan marketplace to recommend the most suitable loan provider to your business.

We ensure you receive the most suitable product for your business requirements by making you more aware of which products are available in the current market.

Lending Specialists small business brokers take pride in providing a reliable and effective service that always keeps your best interests at heart.

Your Requirements

To help you save time and money finding a loan, with Lending Specialists’ team of professionals you can expect our straightforward process to get a conditional approval (or full in many instances) within 10 – 15 days.

Besides having your business affairs in order and a clear understanding of the income level and regular commitments for your business, clients should also clearly understand what they’re looking to achieve from their borrowing application.

This could include:

  • To purchase new premises better suited to their business or more centrally located to their market
  • Freeing up capital to assist expansion
  • Restructuring expensive or unsuitable loans
  • Financing new or replacement vehicles or equipment.

In order to apply for a small business loan with Lending Specialists, we require the following:

  • Personal and business tax returns and financial statements
  • Recent salary slips (if applicable)
  • Copies of recent loan and credit card statements
  • Personal and business balance sheets (assets & liabilities)
  • Identification documents
  • Purchase contracts (if applicable)
  • Cash Flow Forecast
  • Business Plan

Our small business loan brokers will always conduct a thorough due diligence of an applicant’s current and expected future financial situation to ensure any recommendations are suitable and will meet your requirements.

Important Factors To Consider When Applying For A Small Business Loan

1) Create a checklist of documents required

To save time and resources, be sure to prepare a checklist including all information and details of where you may need to go to collect all documents necessary when applying for a loan. This can often only require a phone call to a small business broker to get you started.

2) Set a time lapse

Depending on the financial product you’re applying for and the time it takes to process your application, re-adjust your variables so that you always have a cushioned time-lapse for getting those funds for your business. It can be difficult, but move early with your application and put the finance in place, rather than leaving things to the last moment where you put your business under financial stress.

3) Get in contact with a financial advisor

It’s important to ensure that your financial statements are not dubious as they will need to be reviewed. An easy way to ensure that this is not a problem is by collecting your bank statements monthly without fail. Most small business loans will also require a loan application, to avoid any delays always be sure to fill this information in carefully, while pre-paring for both a soft and hard credit check.

4) Set schedules

To ensure you’re on top of things, it’s a good idea to fill your calendar with trackers and reminders on the days committed to paying your small business loan. Simple tools such as calendars can help boost your productivity, while setting new goals and garnering up-coming business opportunities.

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