Home Renovation Projects During COVID-19

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Spending extra time at home has inspired a lot of people to consider renovation and refurbishment projects to give their existing home a new lease of life. And the good news is that, even in uncertain times, with property prices set to fluctuate as a result of the current pandemic, investing in your own home, with quality renovations, is always a smart move.

But, with the COVID crisis impacting on who wants to come into your home to work, it’s a good idea to plan what you can get help with and what you might need to leave for another couple of months.

Outdoor Renovations For Socially-Distanced Times

Focusing on the outdoor area of your property is positive for a number of reasons. In terms of your health concerns, having tradespeople outdoors reduces any potential anxiety of virus transmission and by investing in well-planned renovations to your home’s exterior, you are making a measurable difference that potential buyers will also appreciate down the track. Painting your home’s exterior, re-roofing, installing that dream pool, or even just getting your garden professionally-landscaped are all perfect jobs for these pandemic times. And as the prospect of a summer spent at home, without the opportunity to travel overseas, there’s never been a better time to consider that new deck or outdoor dining area.

Other exterior projects might include the construction of a new shed/garage for better storage, or to give teenagers in the home a space to entertain and relax with friends. Similarly, refurbishing an existing garage to accommodate a home office might also be another worthwhile investment, as changes in work practices across a growing number of industries sees remote work become a significant part of many people’s lives.

Quick Interior Renovations to Consider

For those less worried about tradespeople traipsing through their home, focusing on quick-fix projects that can see experts in and out within a day or two can include electrical work, or even carpet installation.

New blinds and curtains can also transform your living space without the need to weeks of interruptions – and can give your home the boost you need, even when you are on a budget.

Home Handymen

The rise of the home handyman/person has seen hardware stores flourish and if you have the skills to do some jobs around your own home, the impact of the virus on your regular working life may just mean that you have time up your sleeve for now. But that doesn’t mean you have the skills to tackle everything, so always be realistic – and compliant! – and stick to jobs you are knowledgeable enough to handle, making sure you leave the qualified professionals to take care of plumbing and electrical work safely.

Adding Value to Your Investment

Times are tough for many Australians but there are still opportunities to be found that could see you adding value – and added enjoyment – to your living space.

By doing your research and choosing your projects wisely, your property could be improved – and that’s an investment that has a positive impact for years.

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