Heathy Home = Happy Home

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2020 has been a year of upheaval and, with the environment we work in changing too, creating a home that enhances your wellbeing has never been more important.

Since the COVID-19 shutdowns rolled out across the country from early in 2020, nearly 50% of the Australian workforce transitioned to spending at least part of their working life in the ‘new normal’ of a home office space.

Although many workplaces are now resuming something closer to regular operations, the reality is that the working landscape has been forever changed and experts predict remote work life will continue to be business as usual for many employers and employees.

In a future that will see us sharing our working day surrounded by other loved ones also engaged in work or study at home with us, turning a home into a healthy, happy – and productive – sanctuary is critical.

The good news is that giving your home a wellness renovation can be done easily and affordably.

  • Remove clutter

When clutter is cleared, the stage is set for a calmer, clearer mindset – and that means a greater ability to focus and be productive and efficient. Look around your space and consider paring back on the knick-knacks and ‘stuff’ that may be crowding your creativity. You don’t have to say goodbye for ever but even storing some items out of sight (and mind) in a secure storage tub, can do wonders for your clarity. 

  • Let there be light

Natural light actively impacts your mood and helps create a space that is airy, bright and friendly. By giving your brain a break from the blue glow of your computer screen, you can make a meaningful connection with the natural world around you – something that can give you the fresh perspective you desperately need.

  • Free your feet!

Investing in a dedicated shoe cabinet at your front door is about more than offering a tidy solution to the messy clutter of shoes strewn across the floorboards – it’s also the easiest way to minimise the amount of chemicals and toxins from the outside world entering your home. With everyone in your household adhering to the ‘shoes off upon entry’ mantra you can make all those nasties such as pesticides and germs stay outside.

You’ll save time not having to look for shoes when it’s time to leave and also save time by not needing to clean up those muddy shoeprints.

  • Bye-bye dust

By using a damp duster, you remove the dust in your home, rather than scattering throughout your indoors environment, in the way that feather dusters do.

Instead of sweeping floors, use a microfibre broom or mop that traps your household dust, or commit to vacuuming your hard surfaces. Investing in an air purifier with an HEPA filter takes it to a more effective level and is a good choice for those suffering allergies.

  • Green is good

Indoor plants actively improve air quality – and they look lovely too.

If you have pets, though, it pays to do your research. Some plants are extremely toxic for pets and should be avoided, so be sure to consult the plant specialist at your local nursery or garden centre before inviting the greenery in.

There are lots of ways you can take steps to improve your home’s wellbeing, without spending a fortune. If your tired old home is in need of a major wellness refurbishment, though, talk to our hone loan refinancing experts at Lending Specialists to find out how the equity in your home can help you create a space that feels as good as it looks.


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