Coming out of Lock-down – The New Normal

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The local fight against COVID-19 isn’t over yet and as we come out of lock-down across the country, the risks of further infections are real, unless we all embrace a new normal to live our lives by.

According to research from the Grattan Institute, modelling shows that reopening shops, schools, and workplaces heightens the risk of new infections – a reality that can be especially threatening if people act as though the concern is over and ignore sensible social distancing rules.

Workplaces are particularly high-risk, especially if they contain large groups of people working together in close environments. Schools, shopping centres and large public gatherings also present risks.

The New Normal in a Post-Pandemic World

Life as we know it is forever changed and the truth is that some things won’t ever return to the way they were. It doesn’t need to feel completely terrifying, though – for some businesses, the pressure to pivot has helped explore better ways to do business that have helped some businesses streamline operations and become even more profitable.

Changes to How We Interact Professionally

With everything from medical appointments and real estate property inspections achieved over digital meetings, the way we are interacting with others – both professionally and personally – has been forever changed.

Schools, workplaces and public infrastructure, such as local libraries, all turned to Microsoft Teams, or Zoom, to share education, seminars, staff meetings and community connection and the result for some has meant better connectivity than ever before, with many people who were previously isolated through illness or geography, having access to resources they could not enjoy before.

As we slowly step out of the worst of the recent COVID-19 trauma, many of these online ways of doing business and sharing information will continue to flourish and combine with real-world meetings to change the way we connect with employment, friends and family forever.

There will be challenges, obviously, but there will be some obvious benefits, too and to embrace these requires an open mind and the willingness to investigate new ways of doing some things.

Saving time and travel costs can be a definite bonus and with so much information now truly at our fingertips, the opportunities to find new ways to do business offer exciting potential.

Increase in Digital Transactions Leads to a Need for Better Online Security

With the increase in digital transactions, the importance of investing in good technology – and the security systems to help you protect your digital transactions – is critical. To give you peace of mind in our increasingly online world, talk to a tech specialist to ensure you have the appropriate cyber security software applications installed to help prevent cyber attack and theft. With the right measures in place and some basic education about how to protect yourself online, you can use your computer with confidence.

Embracing The New Normal

The new normal is a bold new world and it is one that will be challenging to navigate for some older generation members, while others may be more happy to embrace the changes.

Throughout it all, looking after your own mental health, happiness and wellbeing is vital and, if you have any concerns, please talk to a mental health professional to give you access to the assistance you may need.

Change can be daunting but it can also be exciting and with the right support, negotiating your own way through our new normal way of living can be a positive experience.

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