7 Smart Property Styling Tips for Maximising Your Sale

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With more and more buyers making property-purchasing decisions based on online imagery and descriptions, property styling has never been more important.

The reality is that, when it comes to scrolling through sale listings on the internet, first impressions really do matter.

According to some experienced real estate agents, in fact, creating a polished look for your property’s ‘for sale’ photos can help add more than two per cent to your initial valuation.

In financial terms, that means by spending $4000 styling a house valued at $800,000 could help add an extra $16,000 to your sale price.

To help you style your property on a budget, try these 7 property styling tips for great results:

Emotional connections matter

With the right research into the likely demographic of a buyer keen to purchase in your price range and suburb, you can use styling to help create an emotional connection between your potential buyers and the property you are keen to sell.

Creating a homey, welcoming feel, while still presenting a home that is clean, fresh and uncluttered, helps people imagine their own life there.

Think about your bed linen and making sure all beds are made neatly and attractively, with extra attention on removing any unsightly items, such as overflowing laundry hampers, dirty dishes, soggy towels and crowded bench-tops.

Clutter creates a barrier that makes your home seem like hard work. To create a powerful emotional connection with your home, styling should focus on making your home seem welcoming, comfortable and friendly.

Cleanliness counts

Think of your version of regular cleaning and magnify it. Think premium hotel room clean, without a spot of grime, grit or dirty grout to be seen.

Anything broken should be fixed and windows, mirrors and all stainless steel and glass surfaces, as well as tapware, should sparkle. Letting light in by pulling back window dressings is a great way to show off your immaculately clean home in all its glory.

Get rid of those personal touches

Buyers needs to see the potential your property offers them and to help create that feeling, it’s smart to remove as many overly personal touches as you can. Sure, you might have found the perfect spot to squeeze your dog’s bed and all its favourite toys under your study desk, but to anyone else, it might just seem crowded and messy.

By offering your home as a relatively blank canvas, minus the collection of family portraits and sporting trophies, you allow potential buyers to see what they can add to the space to turn your house into their home.

Avoid colourful chaos

Presenting your property with classic white or neutral tones on show is always recommended.

If your budget is too tight to make big changes that might be needed, at least ensure doors, trims and skirting boards are refreshed for a clean, low-cost improvement to tired old paint finishes.

Focus on the heart of your home

When someone considers your kitchen, they want to imagine their own easy meal-preparation times – and that means seeing good cupboard space, and lots of bench space to create amazing meals.

Pack away superfluous appliances, without making things look completely sterile, and consider placing a bowl of fresh fruit or a vase of simple flowers from your own garden, to add fragrance and freshness to the space. Using all of the one fruit – such as just oranges, or just green apples (depending on your colour scheme and aesthetic) – can have a big impact.

Make sure cooktops and oven doors are clean and clear and be sure to wipe down cupboards, as well as your fridge and dishwasher, to add extra appeal.


If your living spaces are a mish-mash of furniture styles, it can diminish the attraction of your home. You don’t have to spend a fortune and by simply storing your pieces for the length of your sales campaign and hiring more stylish furniture to create the perception of more space and less clutter, you can make a huge difference to the presentation of your rooms.

Your real estate agent will be able to point you in the right direction to find a helpful furniture hire business and by selecting pieces that create a cleaner, fresher look you’ll help potential buyers feel positive about their own interior styling vision.

The finishing touch

Budget stores like K-Mart can be your best friend and with the affordable addition of brand-new bath towels, plain bed linens, comfortable, colourful cushions and a vase filled with fresh greenery or flowers, your house will look and feel more like home through the eyes of those viewing your property’s photographs.

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