To Fix or Not To Fix?

April 2015

This is one of the most popular questions I’m asked by clients when talking about interest rates; they’re always keen to learn my thoughts. So I’ve decided to pass on some of my own actual experiences. In March 2013 my variable rate investment loan was 5.40% and I was considering it might be a good […]

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Take Control of Your Superannuation

March 2015

Have you ever taken the time to understand your superannuation? With the help of ING DIRECT, Rice Warner completed research earlier this year on superannuation fees and performance. Below are some interesting facts to get you thinking about whether your current superannuation product is working for you: Some super options charge no investment and admin […]

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Your Credit File: Important Changes

March 2014

From March 2014 amendments to the Privacy Act come into effect which changes how lenders can collect, use and disclose information to credit report bodies. Each individual who has applied for a loan facility will have a credit report – a summary of your consumer credit history which is used by lenders to assess your […]

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Is it Time to Consider a Fixed Rate Loan?

November 2013

The tipping point with interest rates seems to be getting close. We are seeing the major lenders moving on their fixed rate offerings with some increases occurring in the 3 to 5 year fixed terms. Generally when the major lenders move on interest rates the other lenders are not far behind. The RBA will meet […]

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