Commercial Property Loans Melbourne are loans secured by commercial property such as an office, a building, an apartment complex, shopping center, warehouse, or other similar commercial property as we’ve mentioned before in our article on Application & Repayment Terms for Commercial Property Loan Melbourne.

It can be difficult to find specific information on commercial property loans Melbourne online. A lender’s website usually does not have all their terms and rates specifically written as loan needs vary from one client to another. In addition, it is more difficult to find information on commercial property loans than home loans because many commercial property loan terms can be negotiated.

Three things can influence the approval of your commercial property loan. First, the maximum loan amount the lenders grant, second, the type of commercial property loan you want, and third, the nature of your security for your intended commercial property loan. Using a mortgage broker when applying for a commercial property loan can help you secure the loan.

Advantages of a Mortgage Broker when applying for Commercial Property Loans Melbourne:



Established Relationships

Flexible Loan Policies

Competitive Rates

Loan Success

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Searching for the best home loans in Melbourne can be challenging. When you do find the best home loan for your needs, your loan application will be approved depending on certain factors. These factors include, but are not limited to, your income, assets, spending history and debts (if any).

Lending Specialists is a leading Lending Company with professional and experienced mortgage brokers, offering competitive home loan rates. Below are some aspects to take note of to help with the approval of your loan application.

Ways to improve your Loan Application for the Best Home Loans in Melbourne:

Have a plan and start saving:

Sort out a budget:

Having a budget is a wise move and can serve as verification to lenders that you are financially responsible. When creating a budget, it is important to consider two basic principles of budgeting:

Reduce your debts and unnecessary financial commitments:

Having a number of debts or unnecessary financial commitments can impede your chances of your loan application being approved. It is essential, where possible to decrease any debt you might have to increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

Apply with Lending Specialists:

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The amount you can borrow and the amount you should borrow are sometimes two very different things. Before you apply for a home loan, it makes sense to realistically assess your financial situation. Here’s how to do it.

Understand your borrowing capacity

Generally speaking, your borrowing capacity – what you can borrow – depends on a number of factors, including:

However, knowing the difference between what you can borrow and what you should borrow is very important. As a general rule, it’s not a good idea to allocate more than 30% of your monthly household income to repaying your home loan.

Build a budget

To fully understand what your realistic borrowing limit might be, first of all create a budget – and stick to it. Once you understand exactly what’s coming in and going out you can properly assess how much you can afford to repay – and therefore what you should borrow.

If you don’t feel comfortable drawing up the budget yourself, it’s wise to seek help. A financial planner can assist you in preparing a budget.

Expenses to include in your budget include, but are not limited to:

Future-proof your figures

Remember to leave a bit of wiggle room in your budget in case circumstances change. People can lose their jobs or get sick, or interest rates can rise, which could impact your ability to honour your repayments.

It’s also important to think about some other things that may happen: Is your income likely to increase within the next few years? Are you likely to have children and lose an income? Do you plan to retire shortly? These are all questions that only you can answer, and they will all have an impact on how much you should borrow.

Remember, lenders tell you how much you can borrow, but you know your personal circumstances better than anyone else – it’s up to you to decide how much you should borrow. If you need support and advice, one of our experienced mortgage brokers would be happy to help you during the decision-making process.

If you need advice for a personal loanhome loan, business or commercial loan, self-managed super fund loan, or an investment home loan, speak to a broker at Lending Specialists. We have a wealth of experience under our belt and a robust network to connect you to the right industry professional for the loan you need.

Applying for Melbourne home loans requires time and effort from all parties involved, however, following proper home loan application steps can make the process manageable and helps you make the best decision possible.

The common steps when applying for Melbourne home loans includes, your loan application, identity verification, valuation, loan approval and of course the settlement.

When applying for Melbourne home loans, having all the application requirements at hand can serve as an advantage and can facilitate your loan application. These requirements include, but are not limited to, your ID, proof of income, asset details, Bank statements and any debt information.

Lending Specialists is a leading lending Company with experienced Mortgage Brokers offering competitive rates for Melbourne Home Loans. We walk our clients through every step of the process to give them an easy and smooth home loan application experience.

Questions you might be asked during Melbourne home loans application:

Your identification:

What you earn:

What you own:

What you owe:

Residential status:

These are the general questions that may be asked and other related questions might follow. Applying for a Melbourne home loan is a huge commitment hence it is necessary to gather as much information as possible to help get you into your new property quickly and smoothly.

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The home loan market is constantly changing, with new and attractive deals coming up all the time. Refinancing can help you secure a more competitive interest rate, access the equity in your home, add features (such as an offset account) or consolidate your debts, but there are some important questions to consider before you get the ball rolling.

1.Has my financial situation changed since I first applied for a home loan?

2.Will refinancing really save me money?

3.Am I planning on keeping the property for much longer?

Refinancing can help you save some money, but it’s worth considering your plans and options before you decide to go ahead with it. If you need some support working out what’s best for you, contact Lending Specialists on (03) 8805 1800 or email

You’ve been dreaming of that new kitchen and dining room for as long as you can remember, and now the time has come to put your plans in motion and you might be considering borrowing money for renovations . But do you really have the budget to afford the works? Here are a few things to think about before making the leap from Pinterest board to blueprints.

Things to consider when borrowing money for renovations :

Work out your budget

Before you look at borrowing money for renovations , you first need to work out how much your renovation will cost. Get Ask An Architect to send you their comprehensive guide to costing a renovation.

Before your finalise your plans, you can arrange for a building inspector to help identify any structural work that might be needed. Major work could significantly increase your budget, so it may be worthwhile to talk directly to a professional to get a more tailored understanding of how much you’re up for. Architects and master builders are usually happy to provide a quote, so think about getting more than one quote to give you an idea of the range.

In addition, add a percentage for contingencies: most experts recommend that you add another 10% to 20% to the overall budget to cover the inevitable delays and complications that arise throughout the renovation process.

Once you know what the costs may be, you can start to think about how to raise the cash. Of course, in an ideal world you’ll have saved up at least part of the amount beforehand, but renovations can run into the tens or even hundreds of thousands, so most people will need to borrow some money.

Unlock your equity

If you’ve been in your home for a while, chances are that you have considerable equity, both as a result of paying off your initial home loan and from rising property values.

Equity is the amount of your home that you own; that is, the value of your property, less the outstanding loan amount. For example, if your property is valued at $500,000 and you owe $300,000 on your loan, your equity is $200,000 ($500,000 – $300,000 = $200,000).

As long as you can meet the repayments and the renovations are likely to add value to your property, most lenders should be willing to lend you a percentage of your equity for home renovations. Depending on your situation, this equity could be accessed through redrawing, increasing your existing loan or refinancing your loan entirely. A mortgage broker will be able to advise on the best option for you.

Building loans

Most home loan providers will offer a product called a building or construction loan, which acts as a line of credit that you can draw on as renovation costs become due. The advantage of these are that you aren’t making repayments on the full value of the loan at once, but only on the progressive loan balance, which will change over time. That means you can start to pay off the first invoice before the next ones come in, saving you money overall.

Your broker can assist in checking with your home loan provider whether the loan is ‘interest only’ for an initial period. If it is, this will also help to keep your costs down during the crucial building period. If the provider doesn’t have a specific building loan, they may let you have a general line of credit, which functions similarly. Once the renovations are finished, the loan or line of credit can even be rolled into your home loan.

Personal loans

Especially where a renovation is small – perhaps you just want to update your kitchen without any building works – you might consider a personal loan. As personal loans are generally not secured against your property, the interest rates are usually higher. However, as the term of the loan is much shorter, you should pay less interest over time.

Each option has advantages, so it’s worth spending some time considering them carefully when borrowing money for renovations . Remember, as your mortgage broker we can always help you with any questions you might have.

If you need advice for a personal loanhome loan, business or commercial loan, self-managed super fund loan, or an investment home loan, speak to a broker at Lending Specialists. We have a wealth of experience under our belt and a robust network to connect you to the right industry professional for the loan you need.

Lending Specialists has been operating in the Mortgage and Lending industry since 1999 and over this time we have crossed paths with thousands of Successful Mortgage Brokers (both part-time and full time). There are a few that have attracted our attention as we find ourselves drawn towards those that share similar habits and beliefs, and a goal to be successful in the industry.

If you thought that Mortgage Brokers achieve success because they are lucky, then you are quite wrong. From our observations, the old adage of “the harder I work the luckier I get” rings true, as these successful Brokers all have strong work ethics, sound processes and enjoy working with other like-minded people.

The Successful Mortgage Brokers keys to success are formed through the following habits:

  1. Great Mortgage Brokers, Great Solutions

A successful mortgage broker displays great problem solving abilities. Whether it is innovation or utilization of their resources, they will always seem to find the right solution for every problem. Whilst they may not immediately have the answer themselves, they will use the people around them and their relationships to find the best solution.

They also have great observation skills, allowing them to identify a potential problem in the early stages which gives them time to come up with a solution before the problem gets out of control.

  1. Remarkable Drive

As a Mortgage Broker, there can be some ups and some downs. The thing about successful brokers that will amaze you is they have a very remarkable drive. Giving up is not an option, and failure is just another challenge to push them to a higher level of performance.

They put in the effort because they have a clear goal in mind. The Successful Mortgage Broker will not throw up their hands complaining “it’s too hard”, they will just look harder for a solution and if something isn’t working they will make changes.

  1. They Step Out of their Comfort Zones & Think Out of the Box

If you are brave enough to step out of your comfort zone, then you will gain more life experiences and have a better chance of learning. Successful Mortgage Brokers don’t get bothered by mistakes and failures, as long as there is an opportunity, they make sure to grab that opportunity.

When you are able to step out of your comfort zone, you will see there are a lot of circumstances that will allow you to do better and think deeper. Use the people and resources around you.

  1. Discipline and Respect

If you have discipline with your work, then you can focus more on your business growth activities and the positives associated with them. The fact that successful Mortgage Brokers follow consistent guidelines and strict processes is evidence that they are disciplined. They also possess great Customer Relations Management Systems and use them to keep their clients informed and to market their business. They also have the right strategies to analyze situations with their customers that help to build better relationships.

Finally, they have respect. They place a high level of importance to every decision of the people they are working with, be it their client, colleagues or lenders.

  1. They Value Time

As an experienced broker, it becomes easier to spot good deals and bad deals. A bad deal may simply be one which does not fit with your skill set or business ethics. So if you see a bad deal, then move on and look for a better one. If you continue working with a bad deal knowing that it won’t get any better, then you’ll only be wasting your time and that of your client trying to come up with impossible solutions.

  1. Knowledge is Power

If you open yourself to fresh opportunities, you will continue to learn new things. Successful Mortgage brokers observe their environment, engage in other businesses, evaluate the situations and analyze the solutions.

Through experience, you learn. Through failures, you’ll know how to avoid the same situation. Through mistakes, you’ll find better solutions.

  1. Everything has its Measures

If you can’t find a way to measure it, then you won’t find a way to develop it. To achieve the title of being a successful broker, you must know how to measure your numbers in terms of the types of activities you undertake that lead to successful settlements.

So, how many habits have you practiced? For future success, we urge you to exercise these habits. You may be the next Successful Mortgage Broker !

Barry Oxley – Lending Speciallists

What is Home Loan Comparison Melbourne?

A Home Loan Comparison is, from the term itself, comparing a range of home loans to find the loan that best suits your needs and doing so can be a challenge. There are many types of home loans to choose from such as variable rate home loans, fixed rate home loans, and interest-only home loans amongst others. All of which offer a range of specific home loan features.

Whether you are a first-time buyer looking for a home loan or looking to refinance your existing home loan, it is important to research, compare and gain a thorough understanding of the features of the home loan you are considering. This is an important step in the process of applying for your home loan.

The most common mistake borrowers commit is to not thoroughly understanding the features of the home loan they are applying for.

Other common mistakes when applying for a Home Loan are:

Home Loan Comparison Melbourne

Borrowers sometime decide on applying for a home loan without comparing their options. As a result, they choose an inappropriate loan that does not suit their needs. To be properly guided when applying for a loan, it is essential to seek out professional and accredited lenders or mortgage brokers like Lending Specialists who can advise you accordingly. Look for features I a loan that are important to you. These could be the option to make additional repayments and access to extra repayments without penalty, a link to an offset account, ability to vary your repayments to weekly/fortnightly, loan portability and free (or low rate) credit cards to name a few.

Credit Reports

Credit reports contain information about your credit such as your loan paying history, the status of your credit accounts, and whether a debt or bill collector is collecting money you owe. Lenders will use your credit report as a basis on whether or not they will approve your home loan application.
It is important to avoid the mistake of not checking your credit report yourself for any errors before applying for your loan. If any errors are found, it is wise to fix them before applying for your home loan to improve your chances of having your loan approved.

Stay Informed

Your loan approval process may take some time. During this period, it is essential to note down any information being relayed to you. If you have any questions about the terms of your loan, you should clarify these with your lender or broker. Avoid the mistake of committing to a loan without being fully aware of the loan terms.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further on home loan comparison Melbourne, please do not hesitate to contact Lending Specialist on (03)8805-1800 or email

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