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In simple terms, a mortgage (or mortgage loan) is used by purchasers of real property to raise funds to buy real estate; or by existing property owners to raise funds for other purposes. The loan is normally “secured” by the borrower’s residential or commercial property.


In a loan, the borrower initially receives or borrows an amount of money, called the principal, from the lender, and is obligated to pay back this amount over a specific and agreed term through a series of regular repayments. Interest is generally calculated on the outstanding amount and included in these repayments. Interest rates will vary depending on the lender and Lending Specialists will always endeavor to find the best (and most appropriate) interest rate for our clients.

What is the best mortgage rate?
The best interest rate is not always the lowest and may vary between borrowers. What appeals and suits one person may not be suitable for another because mortgages come in many forms and borrowers have differing personal and financial needs.

When choosing the lender with the “ best mortgage interest rates ” you should also consider looking for the type of mortgage that will best suit YOUR financial situation and Lending Specialists will help you with this process.


Here are some different Types of Mortgages:


Two Basic Types

Variable Rate Mortgage

Fixed-Rate Mortgage

These loans often have additional restrictions regarding additional repayments etc.


Other Mortgage Types

Combination or Split

Interest Only

At the end of the interest only term the repayments normally convert to principal and interest over the remaining loan term. Alternatively you could renegotiate the interest only period or the principal would need to be repaid.

Offset Mortgage

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If you are looking for the Best Home Loans Melbourne, you need to first consider your current financial situation and the types of loan features that are most compatible with meeting your immediate and future financial needs. There are a number of different types of home loans that you can choose from: Variable, Fixed, Split and Interest Only Home Loans.


Knowing the difference between these home loans will help you identify the most suitable type of loan for which you should apply. As a leading broker of the Best Home Loans Melbourne, Lending Specialists has provided a simple definition on these different types of home loans.

Here’s Lending Specialists | Best Home Loans Melbourne type of Home Loans:


Variable Home Loans

This is the most popular home loan in Australia where the interest rate fluctuates up or down depending on the cash rate set by the Reserve Bank of Australia. The regular repayments pay off some of the principal and the interest each contracted period.


Fixed Home Loans

The interest rate is fixed for a certain period of time, generally between 1 and 5 years, but can be taken for extended periods in some circumstances. This means that the regular repayments will stay the same regardless of changes in the interest rate, providing a degree of financial certainty for the period.


Split Rate Loans

One portion of the loan is fixed, while the other is variable. The proportion for each will be decided by the borrower and this can be a good option when you have concerns about the effect on your household budget in a rising interest rate market.


Interest-Only Loans

You only repay the interest on the amount borrowed. As you are not paying the principal, the monthly repayments are generally lower. At the end of the interest-only period you will begin paying both the principal and the interest for the remainder of the overall contracted loan term.


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