As a first-home buyer I was not familiar with much of the loan application process. I also didn’t have the time to shop around and find the right mortgage lender.

At Lending Specialists I found a mortgage broker that I could really trust to do the work for me. I had the pleasure of working with Barry Oxley, who was able to answer all of my queries and explain the loan approval process in a very clear and basic manner. However, what really impressed me was Lending Specialists ability to have my loan approved and settled within a 30-day period. I was made to feel like I was special and valued as a customer.

I will most certainly recommend Barry to anyone searching for the right home loan.

Lending Specialists provided me with a very professional and friendly service. They were able to provide me with the necessary insight and guidance that has proven invaluable in my investment property dealings.

They also took the pain out of the loan application process by handling most of the dealings with the banks on my behalf. This has freed up more of my time, allowing me to do what I do best, comfortable in the knowledge that my loan applications were under their constant attention. I have found Lending Specialists to be always reliable and able to respond to any of my questions.

They give me regular feedback on my applications and keep me up-to-date on the progress of my loan right to the end.

I would be happy to recommend Lending Specialists to anyone looking for the right investment loan.

Hi Barry, I just wanted to thank you and your team firstly for the gift you sent me. It is greatly appreciated and definitely will be put to good use, most likely this weekend!!

I also would like to thank the team, especially Greg, Kim and Debbie for all their assistance and support. They have not only been helpful, professional and a pleasure to work with, but have been great fun as well. You have a great team working with you, as I am sure you already know.

I send you my best wishes and I hope our paths will cross again.
Thanks again